The Cat Box Tower Tree

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The Cat Tower Box is a ceiling-high scratching post, for felines that prefer to do their tree climbing indoors.

Colours available: Cream



The Cat Tower Box is a ceiling-high scratching post, for felines that prefer to do their tree climbing indoors.
The adjustable, padded top extender pole fixes this tree securely against the ceiling and allows cats to romp along the entire length of this tree with confidence. The standard model accommodates ceilings from 255 to 275 cm in height, with additional poles available on request for higher ceilings. The soft, padded extender pole anchors the tree against a flat ceiling without the need for screws or damage to your ceiling.

The double story scratching barrel at the base is covered on all four sides with sisal carpet and is padded with thick removable cushions.

The lower 20cm diameter sisal pole is attached to the scratching barrel with 4 screws, making the entire construction extremely robust.

The standard model is supplied with two thick, padded hammocks and a single, large, wedge-shaped, plush covered step. The combination and position of the step and hammocks can be arranged to personal preference and rotated as desired.

Additional steps, hammocks and crown hammocks can be ordered separately, to further customize your feline’s experience.

Dimensions and specifications:
Height adjustable from 255 cm to 275 cm. Additional shorter or longer poles are available on request, customizing
this tree to any ceiling height.
The sisal covered poles have a Ø of 20 cm
Each hammock provides a padded, 45 cm Ø and 17cm deep secluded resting place. Tested to 20 kg carrying
weight and rotatable.
The wedge-shaped step measures 55 x 55 x 2.5 and is rotatable
The double-story scratching barrel measures 60 x 50 x 90 cm and is covered with sisal carpet on all four outer
sides to allow for scratching. It is constructed from heavy materials to add to the tree’s stability.
Each entrance is an extra-large 25x18cm.
Total weight: 46.6kg

Colours available:

Additional Benefits:
Customise your standard Cat Box Tower tree by adding an additional triangular platform, that allows for a platform and hammock between poles.
Replacement parts are available, providing lasting enjoyment for your cat.
All materials are made to European Union quality and safety specification.

This cat tree is a premium product from RHRQuality. Imported into South Africa exclusively by Twisted Whiskers Pet Mall.

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